We present you with a different kind of journey through Andalusia, discovering its heritage by bike, with a guide or under your own steam. Ancient thoroughfares and the illustrious travellers who once trod them inspire our itineraries. They are inspired in the nature, history and culture of a region as diverse as Andalusia. We invite you to come off the beaten track, and get on your bike to share a unique and revitalizing experience.

The journeys you will find here use tracks, trails, cattle paths, old Roman roads, forest trails and old country roads in disuse… and they will carry you all over Andalusia by bike, from one village to the next, exploring a host of regions and landscapes.

These journeys are just an example. A traveller’s limit is his/her imagination, because we have documented more than 5,000 kilometres of interconnecting tracks and trails so that you are free to design your own perfect journey (according to places, stages, difficulty, by bike or on foot…).

Short break to Granada; culture, hiking, cycling

Short break to Granada; culture, hiking, cycling

Granada, the last Moorish Kingdom of al-Andalus, is the best place to start dreaming. This lively magic city, located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, is undoubtedly one of Andalusian most beautiful cities to visit actively. But there is much more...